Composite Chart

Sun in the Second House
Sun in the second house of the composite chart is the best possible position for any business or professional relationship whose primary aim is to make money or to gather material possessions.

The second house is the house of things that are valued, either tangible or intangible. Sun in this house gives you a strong drive to seek whatever it is that you collectively value. The point is that you will go after whatever you want, and you are likely to succeed simply because you put so much energy into the effort.

In a personal relationship such as marriage, in which you own things together, those things will be very important to the security of the relationship.

One danger of this placement is that there may be a conflict of values between you. It will not be easy for the two of you to compromise on such issues, so it would be best to decide whether your values are compatible before you embark on any kind of joint venture.

Sun Conjunct Pluto
The conjunction of composite Sun and Pluto signifies that this relationship will have very deep and long-lasting effects on you.

This aspect will work in one of two ways. The first possibility is that your relationship will have a very powerful effect on other people. Use that power carefully, because if it is misused, others join together to put you down.

The second possibility is that the relationship will have a powerful internal effect and cause you both to go through important changes and transformations.

One warning, particularly for love relationships and marriages! At times you both will feel that everything is collapsing and that the whole relationship is over. With a strong Pluto, this may simply mean the beginning of a major change; when it is complete you may enter a new phase that will be better than ever for both of you. Try to be patient when such crises occur.

Moon in the Fifth House
The composite Moon in the fifth house suggests that your relationship exists because it makes you both feel good, especially emotionally.

Obviously this is a good position for any kind of personal relationship, especially a love affair. You will enjoy each other’s company immensely.

The major deficiency of this position is that you may find it difficult to settle down to anything serious. This can be especially difficult in a marriage or long-term love relationship, for you can’t always have fun and games; at some point you have to work at the serious business of building a relationship together.

Moon Conjunct Saturn
The conjunction of composite Moon and Saturn can create an emotional barrier between you, so that you have trouble communicating with each other on a feeling level.

You will do a lot of analyzing, both of the relationship and of each other. The danger is that you will make things seem worse than they are.

At best, analyzing your relationship can help you understand what you have together, but it cannot completely replace intuitive communication.

This aspect may cause the two of you to subordinate emotional considerations to supposed necessities or responsibilities, denying yourselves the joy and pleasure of open and relaxed self-expression. Try to relax together and not be so serious about things.

Venus in the First House
Composite Venus in the first house signifies a relationship that is based on love and affection. The ultimate meaning of Venus is attraction based on the ways in which you are different rather than the ways in which you are similar.

You were probably strongly attracted to each other when you first met and as you learn more and more about each other, you remain strongly attracted.

The emotions aroused by Venus are quiet in their expression, friendly rather than wildly passionate. This kind of affection will sustain a relationship for a long time.

Moon Trine Ascendant
The trine of composite Moon and Ascendant is a good aspect in any personal relationship. It indicates that it is easy for the two of you to fully express yourselves to each other on an emotional level.

In a love relationship this aspect indicates a very positive emotional rapport between the two of you. You understand each other’s feelings, and expressing them makes you both feel good. At a very deep emotional level, you are able to feel as one, which makes the bond between you even deeper.

You deal with people outside the relationship on an emotional level also. Others see the two of you as a couple with strong emotions, which you express easily.

Through emotional self-expression and through experiencing each other at such a deep emotional level, you both will grow in understanding and tolerance.

Saturn Trine Ascendant
This aspect prevents wide swings from extreme happiness to extreme sadness or from very positive to very negative feelings. But it does so at the cost of a certain spontaneity and exuberance. A Saturnine relationship, even a good one, is more sober than most, more concerned about practical realities and less about ideals and romantic fantasies.

On the positive side, the two of you are able to make each other function in a more regular manner. You give each other a sense of discipline. At its best, this aspect makes it possible for the two of you to be your honest selves with each other, but at the same time to excercise restraint.

If the energy of this aspect operates negatively, however, then each of you may be a serious obstacle to the other’s self-expression. Even worse, you may find yourselves locked into such rigid attitudes about each other that it is difficult to make changes in your relationship.

Jupiter Trine Saturn
The trine of Jupiter and Saturn in the composite chart gives your relationship a steady quality that is quite enviable. You go on from day to day, avoiding most extremes of mood. You can depend on each other always being there. Both of you have the ability to accept each other for what you are and tolerate each other’s foibles.

When you have to plan together for the future, you are equally careful without being overcautious. You act only after weighing all the factors, and you usually act at the right time, for your sense of timing together is excellent.

Regardless of the original goals of your relationship, if you take advantage of these abilities, you should be better able to ride out the difficult times than many other couples.

Uranus Sextile Pluto
Uranus sextile Pluto occurs very frequently in the natal and composite charts of those born in the early 1940s or in the middle of the 1990s.

It suggests that your relationship has the capacity to evolve and grow as you face new conditions. It also implies that the two of you will in fact have to face new conditions. But you will probably regard this as a challenge, because you prefer change to the status quo.

Your outlook together and your way of dealing with the world around you is very strongly affected by your desire to examine every situation closely and come up with new ways of doing things. You are not satisfied with the usual methods of handling problems that arise between you. Most likely if this is a love affair or a marriage, you will have an outside therapist help you discover what is disturbing your relationship.

Moon Trine Jupiter
The trine of composite Moon and composite Jupiter will have a good effect upon your relationship in several areas. This aspect denotes that the two of you have a generally good feeling for each other. You feel happy together and enjoy each other’s company.

This relationship is likely to have a spiritually and morally uplifting effect upon you; it will make the world look better and will actually help you both understand what the world is all about, in a spirit not of resignation but of positive optimism.

In a marriage, this aspect instills a desire for children and makes it more likely that you will have them.

Sun Square Moon
Composite Sun square composite Moon indicates a fundamental tension within the relationship.

There is a sense of tension on the psychological level, which prevents you from being really at ease with each other. However, this can also work in a positive way by making the relationship challenging and creative, so that it doesn’t fall into stale patterns and behavioral ruts.

Sometimes, for reasons that are not entirely clear, the Sun-Moon square can create a rather strong mutual fascination. It is as if each of you sees in the other something you want very much, even though you cannot handle it very well. A Sun-Moon square is quite likely to be found in the composite chart of an intense love affair.

In any case, there will be considerable differences of opinion between you, which should be hashed out whenever they occur. In this relationship, repressed feelings are likely to cause potentially disastrous outbreaks of emotion when the pressures become too great.

Neptune Square Ascendant
The square of composite Neptune to Ascendant can be quite a difficult aspect. It means that the two of you are going to have trouble finding out exactly what this relationship is all about. And for some reason you may not feel very confident that it will last. There is a deep sense of insecurity in a relationship such as this – insecurity about yourselves and about each other.

In a relationship that does not include living together, you may have a great deal of trouble deciding exactly what your mutual objectives are. Where do you want to go, both as individuals and as a couple? This problem can be compounded by exaggerated ideals about what you ought to be doing together.

If your relationship is otherwise sound, the worst attributes of this aspect can be avoided. After the confusion is gone and you have learned to experience tranquility with each other, you will be able to build a deep spiritual bond between you.

Venus Sextile Neptune
Like all composite Venus-Neptune aspects, the sextile increases the idealistic and romantic tendencies of a relationship. A friendship becomes more than an ordinary encounter, for each of you idealizes the other in some almost magical way. In fact, this aspect favors friendship more than a love affair, because like the other Venus- Neptune combinations, it inclines toward a nonsexual relationship.

Nevertheless, this aspect does not mean that a would-be sexual relationship will be unsuccessful. It simply means that it will have a strongly spiritual tone in addition to its sexual and physical dimensions.

It should open your eyes to the sublime aspects of the world around you and make you more receptive to beauty. At its best, this can be a bond between true soul-mates who are matched spiritually as well as physically.


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