Who am I? Well, that is a curious question to answer…

  • I am a Libra with rising Leo – so you know I’m fabulous.
  • I am a writer and editor from Melbourne – I don’t ride a Kangaroo, and I’m well accustomed to bipolar weather.
  • I have a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing, plus a Bachelor of Arts double major in Literary Studies and Professional & Creative Writing.
  • I have experience with novel writing, screenwriting, stage plays, short stories, and (guilty pleasure) fanfiction; plus industry experience in publishing houses.
  • I am a bibliophile and pluviophile – both of which go hand in hand.
  • I am a chocolate and tea fanatic – I use wrappers for bookmarks, and keep empty mugs under my bed.

As an editor, my goal is to help you realise the full potential of your manuscript*. I understand this can be a cut-throat industry to break into, and not all editors/publishers take the time to connect with upcoming authors. This is where I come in…

If you choose to work with me, I will take the time to get to meet you on your level and understand your intentions as a storyteller. I believe in direct communication, and if clients are open I would be more than happy to discuss my edits and thoughts via messenger or Skype (efficiency ftw).


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