Currently Working on: The Secret Dancer

This month I start work on Stephanie Walden’s debut novel The Secret Dancer.


The Secret Dancer – cover mock up

‘It was as if destiny brought them together on that night where it rained glass.’

Audrey is told by her father and brother that she cannot reveal to anyone that she is Jewish and that she must run away from home. But as soon as she is picked up by a Nazi general who is looking for a child to call his own, he suspects nothing of the lost girl. He sees her blonde hair and blue eyes, the Aryan traits and the ideal child. Audrey learns that her life will never be the same again after that one dark night.

Soon, Audrey learns that she must live a second life as the “model Citizen” of the time. She soon finds friendship through imagination, love through her passion of dance and reading, discrimination in the place she called home, and happiness in the people who care about her.

The Secret Dancer is a story about a young girl’s life through war, the cruel world she lived in, and the secrets she must keep safe. But not all secrets can be kept.


You can connect with Stephanie via  WordPress and Facebook, and follow the progress of this book here.