Harry Potter: Fanon vs Canon Shipping

Today, I read an interview between JK Rowling and Emma Watson; Watson was interviewing Rowling for the upcoming issue of Wonderland magazine. In said interview, JK Rowling confessed she regretted pairing Ron with Hermione. Upon reflection, Rowling saw their relationship as “wish fulfillment on her part” and that Ron and Hermione “would have needed relationship counseling.”

Personally, I was never convinced of Romione. I never saw love or even happiness between them, and ultimately their relationship felt forced to me. If you’ve ever spoken to me in person, or read any of my other HP related posts, it is clear I adore Harry and Hermione. Since reading this interview, I have felt a slight smugness and “haha, told you so” attitude. But I wonder how the rest of the HP fandom, particularly the die-hard canon fans, will react.

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Why I Hate Ginny Weasley

Some quick notes:
1 – I am not one of those people who thinks Bonnie Wright is “ugly”.
2 – Nor am I jealous of Ginny, or angry that Harry didn’t shack up with Hermione – or even Draco. For the record, I hated Ginny long before I shipped H/Hr.
3 – Ginny Weasley is the only character I hate in the Harry Potter books. Notice that word there – books – When it comes to the films, I am utterly bored or indifferent to her.

If you’re an active part of the Harry Potter fandom, or know how to google, then you probably already know that that Ginny is one of “the biggest polarizing characters in the series” (along with Snape, and to a far lesser extent, Draco).

For a long while, Ginny was a character that I quite enjoyed in the series. I even named my cat after her (because Hermione just seemed too long for a little kitten). However, the change in Ginny’s character in books 5/6 (most noticeably 6) was just downright infuriating. Hopefully, I will be able to focus my points into a well-flowing structure; and not some wayward rant. So, bear with me.

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Astrology in Harry Potter

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is no denying that JK Rowling took birthdays and sun signs into consideration with her characterizations. It’s probably a safe generalization to make that everyone knows a few key terms or traits of their zodiac sign; I won’t go into massive detail about the workings of birth charts et al, but I’m sure everyone agrees that each sign has its own unique traits.

I always knew that Harry was a Leo, and Hermione a Virgo (her birthday is 5 days away from mine, and I’m a Libra). And I could see they each exhibited certain qualities about them that matches their sun sign. So, one day, I decided it would be fun to see what other character’s signs would be.

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Half-Blood Prince: Film better than the book

I remember sitting in the cinema, my expectations abysmally low following the train wreck, Order of the Phoenix. I didn’t know whether to blame Michael Goldberg, the screenwriter, or David Yates, the director. I went into Half Blood Prince, begrudgingly giving Yates a second chance. And he came out with this:

This scene is the first time I felt that movies did something better than the book. The line that really did it for me – by that, I mean gave me goosebumps and a sense of awe – was Harry saying: “It feels like this.”

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